Turn a “just looking” visitor into a lifetime customer worth over £30000

Lead Generation & Email Marketing Liverpool

Do you ever feel like people are coming to your site, having a look around but leaving the without buying? Wouldn’t it be better if you could just have a quick chat about how your products or services are perfect for them?

When visitors come to your website, they are probably browsing the net, looking for the best solution for their needs or desire. They will probably skim the site, read the copy and if something interests them, they may or may not make a decision and buy what you have to offer. It’s more likely the latter.

EggBox Web Design will make sure you get that second chance, by setting up your website to collect your visitors contact information, also known as Lead Generation. This way, you can follow up with them via Email Marketing and go into more detail of how your products or services will make their lives easier or make their lives better. This will turn a “just looking” customer into a paying customer, and by nurturing them over time with repeat business, a lifetime customer worth over £30000.

How Lead Generation & Email Marketing will benefit your business

Lead Generation & Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways of putting your business at the forefront of customers minds. This will also make your sales process much better as you have ways of following up with them.

Encourage repeat business by keeping in touch with existing clients

It’s 7 x more expensive to acquire a new client than to sell to an existing customer. Thats why it’s vital to keep your customers informed of your products, services & special offers. Email Marketing will :

  • Increase your sales
  • Generate repeat sales
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your products and services
  • Make it easy to promote new offers quickly and easily, saving time and money
  • Give your business a more professional image to put you ahead of your competition

Keep your business in the minds of your customers

As mentioned earlier, you don’t get a second chance online to talk glowingly about your products or service to interested visitors. That’s why its vital to have an email marketing system in place which will keep you in touch with the ‘Just Looking’ customer.

  • This will keep your business fresh in the mind of the interested visitor
  • You can follow up even after they have left the site
  • You can nurture your customers on how your service will benefit them
  • Build a solid relationship with your customer

“Since working with Stephen our online enquires have gone through the roof. He has managed to triple our enquires and as a result we have doubled our booking steadily each year and our projected work load for 2015 is looking rosey.”

  • Online sales process has helped convert 40% more leads/enquiries into paying customers.
  • Enquiries have now increased from on average 30 to 100+ per year.

Harvey – Liverpool Wedding Films

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Lead Generation & Email Marketing Liverpool


Set up a Contact Form on your site

We will set up a Contact Form on your website that gather your customers details. This will help :

  • Build your mailing list and increase your customer base
  • You will be able to communicate your service or special offers to customers any time you want

Create an irresistible offer or hook

You will need to get the attention of your visitor and get them to leave their contact details. The best way to do this is to create an irresistible offer for them. We will discuss ideas with you and create an offer that will grow your mailing list quickly.

  • Your website will be set up to generate more leads and stop visitors leaving without making contact
  • More leads means more sales and more profits for your business

Design & send your email campaigns to your client base

Once you have built your mailing list, we will speak to you and advise what type of campaign you want to send, whether its a special promotion or it’s a follow up to a customer who hasn’t yet purchased your services.

  • This will provide you with a more effective online sales process which will make your business run smoother
  • This will keep your business fresh in the mind of your customer
  • You will have more regular sales

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Who we’ve helped with our Lead Generation & Email Marketing Liverpool

Hair and Beauty Liverpool Website offer and Mailchimp sign up form

Hair and Beauty Liverpool

Lead Generation & Email Marketing Liverpool

” The specific feature of the website I find of most benefit to my business is the special offer form where clients submit their email address. This has got a lot of interest from our website visitors, and I now have a high number of clients on a mailing list that I contact regularly via Email Marketing to keep them updated with special offers and seasonal campaigns. Many clients now tend to come get a treatment done after an email offer has been sent out even if they weren’t planning any treatments!”

Amy – Hair and Beauty Liverpool

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