Why does my business need a professional logo?

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Have you ever looked at an advert, a website or a billboard and formed an opinion just based on the logo?

People do this every day, whether they know they’re doing it or not. This influences our decisions in what we choose to buy and who we choose to buy from. Think about your last visit to the supermarket, did you happen to notice a discount coffee brand next to a premium Nescafe? These are both carefully designed brand images that effectively target different markets, and this all begins with the power of a well crafted logo.

Your logo is the most important symbol that has to represent your company and what it does. Its vital that you make a first impression, so make sure you’re talking to the right audience by talking to EggBox. We specialise in creating a unique identity for your company which is distinctive and provides you with a platform to build all of your branding and marketing materials, which we also do!

Benefits of having a professional logo design :

A well designed logo will establish your professional identity

By getting to know your business and it’s values, we will create a logo that will be the symbol that defines your company’s vision and character. This will show your customer that you mean business. A well designed logo will show professionalism, establish trust and build a credible image in your customer’s minds.

We will create a logo will help attract your target market

A simple design combination of fonts, symbols and colour can determine which audience you are trying to reach out. That’s why we will ask the right questions and establish who your main target market is, then create a logo that talks to the right audience and attracts more business and sales.

We will create a unique logo that will set you apart from your competitors

Your logo needs to stand out from your competitors. There’s no point having a “me too” approach to your identity. That’s why we carefully research your market, look at your competitors and create a unique identity that will set your business apart and make you more memorable to your customers.

It's an ongoing advertisement that sticks in your customers minds

Once we have created your logo, it will act as a constant advertising tool that will keep your business in the minds of your customers. This will help establish your brand over time and build your reputation and customer base.

“Stephen explained everything in terms we could all understand and helped us greatly each step of the way.”

  • Online sales process has helped convert 40% more leads/enquiries into paying customers.
  • Enquiries have now increased from on average 30 to 100+ per year.

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Liverpool Graphic Design & Logo specialists

Research your market

We will research your market and your competitors to gain insight to what works and what we can do differently to give you a unique indentity. This will :

  • Give your company a competitive advantage
  • Make your business more memorable to your target market

Create 3 different logo concepts

We will then get to work on creating 3 different unique concepts and crafting them into different logo designs. Then we will send them to you for your feedback. This will :

  • Give you more options of what identity fits your business vision perfectly
  • Provide you with different ideas you may not have considered

Brand your other marketing materials

We will elevate your brand through your other marketing materials so you stand out from the crowd, speak to the right audience and put you ahead of your competitors. This will make sure :

  • You get one consistent message across all of your marketing campaign materials
  • Your brand will be ready grow and compete in the market

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