Why does my business need to invest in Mobile Responsive Web Design Services?

Most websites look and work poorly on mobile devices because they were designed to display on a desktop computer with a mouse. More people than ever are using mobile devices to look for local services. If your business does not have a “mobile friendly” website then you will be missing out on lots of potential enquiries.

Our websites are mobile responsive and will adapt to smart phones and ipads / tablet devices

One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. Therefore we will create your website so it will adapt to whatever mobile device they are using, making it much, much easier to navigate around your site, whether its on a smart phone, ipad or tablet. This will make the customers’ experience a more memorable one, and they are a lot more likely to buy or return because of it.

Top 5 benefits of having a Mobile Responsive website :

You will be miles ahead of your competition

Mobile Responsive Web Design is still relatively new, therefore the likelihood that your competition is using it will be very slim. This will portray your business as being ahead of the game, cutting edge and thinking of your customers when using your site.

Your site will be ready for the future

When we set up your site to be responsive to all mobile devices, it will be cutting edge whilst standing the test of time. You won’t need to go back and redesign your site when it becomes the industry standard.

Your customers can access your site anytime, anywhere

When people visit your site, they are not necessarily sitting at a desk on a PC. One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. When your website is set up for mobile devices, it means your customers can access your website anytime they want – this could be on the way to work, on the train, on a plane or even waiting for their coffee in Starbucks!

Your customers will love you for it

Your visitors want an easy, pleasant experience when visiting your site. They will be more likely to take action if they don’t have to work hard to do so. Using Mobile Responsive Design, you will give them a better experience when using mobile devices, and ease them into making a buying decision – hence increasing sales.

You will save money

By investing in mobile-friendly design, you will only have to manage one site and not build separate mobile sites, reducing your costs dramatically.

“EggBox Web Design came highly recommended to us when we were shopping around for web designers. We are extremely happy with our website and find that it is the perfect platform to showcase our business to potential clients and customers and would definitely recommend Stephen and his design company.”

  • Ranked for wide variety of phrases on Google.
  • Marketing campaign has helped track results and improve marketing activities going forward.

    Steph – Costas Tyres

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