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WordPress Web Design

Website Design Liverpool

At EggBox Web Design, we don’t just build you a website, we work together with you to create an ideal web solution for your business that does all the hard work to help achieve your business goals. Whether these goals are getting more sales, more customers or providing up to date information about your products or services.

We do this using WordPress, the most in demand web platform today. We create professional, highly functional & dynamic website solutions that helps small businesses reach out to more customers online, as well as increase sales and grow their customer base.

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Website Design Liverpool

Responsive Design is the building of a website so it automatically changes to fit the device you’re viewing it on, including PCs, smart phones and iPads. We will design your site to be responsive to all mobile devices so it will be ahead of the game whilst standing the test of time. You won’t need to go back and redesign your site when it becomes the industry standard.

One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. When your website is set up for mobile devices, it means your customers can access your website anytime they want – this could be on the way to work, on the train, on a plane, waiting for their coffee in Starbucks!

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Website Design Liverpool

Your website is your most powerful online marketing tool for your business which will promote your products and services. If designed well, this should then bring you more customers and sales. But if it’s not set up correctly with solid Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you could be losing customers by the day. Why? They will not know how to find you on Google, or know that you even exist.

EggBox Web Design will use a solid SEO strategy and planning at the forefront of the design of the website. We will make sure your website is geared up so that your customers who are looking for you online can find you easily on Google and all the major search engines.

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Social Media Branding & Marketing

Social media is becoming more important to your business than ever before as it makes it faster, cheaper and easier for your business to reach more potential customers. By having professional online social media profiles set up, you can promote your business to thousands of people you never could before.

EggBox Web Design will design, brand and create all of your businesses Social Media Pages to promote your products, services and promotions to a whole host of potential customers. We will create engaging pages that will encourage your visitors to purchase products or services, join a mailing list or visit your company’s main website.

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Lead Generation & Email Marketing

Would you like to turn an interested visitor to your website into a lifetime customer worth over £30000?

Do you ever feel like your people are coming your site, having a look around but leaving the without buying? Wouldn’t it be better if you could just have a quick chat about how your products or services are perfect for them?

With a Lead Generation and Email Marketing system in place, we make sure that you get that second chance to talk to your customer. You can now tell them about how your products or services will change their lives, make their lives easier and make their lives better. This will turn an interested customer into a paying customer, and by nurturing them over time, a lifetime customer worth over £30000.

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Logo Design

Have you ever looked at an advert, a website or a billboard and formed an opinion just based on the logo?

People do this every day, whether they know they’re doing it or not. Your logo is the most important symbol which has to represent your company and what it does. It’s vital that you make a first impression, so make sure you’re talking to the right audience by talking to EggBox. We specialise in creating a unique identity for your company which is distinctive and provides you with a platform to build all of your branding and marketing materials, which we also do!

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Web Extras

Website Design Liverpool

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Sometimes business owners are not sure what they want from a website or which web solution will reap the most return for their business. That’s why we offer advice and recommendations that will help establish the best direction for your business to choose.

Typically, this can include advice on :

Your current website and suggestions of what areas can be improved.

Other areas relating to your website that could help generate more customers and more business, such as branded Social Media Pages, Lead Generation, Email Marketing or even a brand re-vamp.

No matter what queries you have, we are here to help you make the right decisions for you and your business.

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Now you can update your website yourself easily, saving you time and money.

We realise that you have a business to run, that’s why we make it easy to update content such as simple text changes or adding images whenever you like without having to contact a web developer.

We will provide you with video help, a step by step help guide to get you started. And, once the site is launched, arrange a time suitable to come to you for a 1 hour face to face session to show how you how to edit your new site, plus all the support along the way if you get stuck.

Domains and Hosting Services

Domains and Hosting

Domain Names

If you don’t yet have a domain name, we can advise which domain name would be best for your business, then we will register your domain name for you.


We will provide the perfect home for your website and make sure it has good, reliable hosting. No-one wants frequent, unplanned ‘downtime’ for their website – which is why I use a high quality, reliable and UK-based hosting company with a good support service.

Website Management Services

Website Management & Website Design Liverpool

Don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to update your website?

If you would like us to take complete control and maintenance of the day to day running of your website, that’s fine by us.

This might for example include actions such as daily blog posts, price amends, adding imagery, adding links or videos etc.

Each website management package will be tailored to meet your individual needs, and we will work out a unique packages based upon your specific requirements.

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